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Turtle Lover Gifts for World Turtle Day May 23

May 23, 2009 is World Turtle Day. Everyone has at one time or another come upon a turtle usually trying to cross the road. To help the turtle, we pick it up and carry it to safety on the other side. Recently there has been a conscious wildlife environmental effort to help Sea Turtles lay their eggs in natural protected areas. When the eggs hatch concerned animal lovers volunteer to help the baby Sea Turtles reach the ocean safely for a chance at survival. In Florida specifically in busy Fort Lauderdale street lights are turned off during sea turtle migration months of the year. This darkness helps Sea Turtles navigate and lay their eggs naturally sometimes literally in the shadows of busy Fort Lauderdale beach street life. Growing up we have all listened to the famous story of the Tortoise and the Hair. From that story we learned that the slow and steady turtle could win the race over the speedy, overconfident, and careless rabbit. Turtles have always reserved a special place in our lives, on tv and in movies. Many people have dedicated a their lives to the love and study of turtles while others turtles are an avocation. For Turtle Lovers on World Turtle Day, turtle gifts can make the perfect gift. Turtle gifts available include plush stuffed animals, puppets, earrings, neckties, pins, crossing signs, t shirts, figurines, blanket throw tapestries, toy miniatures, keychains, mugs and calendars. The box turtle plush stuffed animal toy is shown in picture above.

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