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Dog Blankets Throw Tapestries are Made in the USA

german shepherd blanket throw tapestryDog Blanket Throw Tapestries are made in the USA primarily on production looms in North Carolina and South Carolina. Made by companies like Scene Weaver, Manual Woodworkers and Pure Country the Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries are available in specific dog breeds like German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Yorkshire Terrier. Consumers are always searching for products made in the USA and the dog blanket throw tapestries certainly meet that criteria. Visitors from foreign countries especially search for items made in America since they are unique and represent the USA. Dogs are universal enjoyed by families throughout the USA and the world. yorkshire terrier blanket throw tapestryFor this reason the dog blanket throw tapestries make a popular gift for dog lover around the world. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the dog blanket throw tapestries feature dramatic dog breed specific artwork by some of the countries best canine artists. Consumers can utilize the dog blanket throw tapestries in a variety of home decor ideas. Dog breed enthusiasts can display the dog blanket throw tapestries on a wall, across a sofa, chair or draped across a bed. Dog lovers can also use the dog blanket throw tapestry for warmth on a cozy day when taking a nap, watching TV or reading a book. Best of all the dog blanket throw tapestries prove that their are still wonderful gifts for office parties, Christmas, birthday parties or just dog lovers that are made in the USA by American workers. rottweiler blanket throw tapestry

Yorkshire Terrier Blanket Throw Tapestry is dog lover home decor fun

yorkshire terrier blanket throw tapestry usaYorkshire Terriers are one of the smallest dog breeds however they make up for their lack of size with an abundance of personality. The new Yorkshire Terrier Blanket Throw Tapestry captures that energy in beautiful artwork that is loved by all Yorkie dog lovers. Since Yorkshire Terriers are small Yorkie dog owners often own a pair like the blanket artwork shows or several Yorkshire Terriers. With their beautiful flowing golden brown, silver and black coat the Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most elegant dogs belonging to the toy group. Dogs in the toy group like the Yorkshire Terriers have historically had a job. During earlier times as well as today Yorkshire Terriers fulfill their role as an indoor guard dog. In addition as a terrier Yorkshire Terriers were bred to go after unwanted vermin in and around the house. Today Yorkshire Terriers hold an esteemed position in dog world as often the choice of movie stars and celebrities. The Yorkshire Terrier Blanket is an excellent gift choice for any Yorkshire Terrier dog lover. As a high end gift item the Yorkshire Terrier blanket may also be the choice of Yorkshire rescues looking to raffle a high ticket item. Dog shows may wish to use the Yorkshire Terrier blanket as a trophy for the best in show category. The Yorkshire Terrier Gifts blanket is made in the USA of 3 ply 100% cotton. Buying American whenever possible is best for the economy and gives the Yorkshire Terrier gift more meaning when it helps people keep their job during these tough business times. Measuring a large 60″ wide x 47″ high the Yorkshire Terrier blanket can have a satisfy a variety of Yorkshire Terrier dog lover needs. The Yorkshire Terrier blanket is best for keeping warm for naps and watching TV but it can also help with decor in the family room, bed room or as wall decor. Yorkshire Terrier gifts like the Yorkie blanket make having a dog more fun.

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