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Yorkshire Terrier Jewelry Pin Brooch for Yorkie Dog Lovers

The Yorkshire Terrier Jewelry Pin Brooch recognizes this wonderful dog breed and reward Yorkie dog lovers with the opportunity to show off in dress up fashion fun. Yorkshire Terriers may be small in stature but they are huge with their boisterous personality. For this reason their origins lie in the house as the inside premises guard dog. Yorkshire Terrier Yorkies were not necessarily popular for their ability to defend, but, primarily they were useful for their ability to sound the first alarm. These reasons for having a Yorkshire Terrier were important, however, their natural regal looking golden, silver luxurious coat also made them a popular companion. Celebrating this beautiful dog breed is the new Yorkshire Terrier Jewelry Pin Brooch. Made of gold with fine enamel the Yorkshire Terrier Pin Brooch Jewelry allows all Yorkie dog lovers the opportunity to show off their favorite dog breed in casual or formal activities. Specialized dog lover theme gifts such as animal earrings or jewelry are not available at your neighborhood jeweler or pet store. To find specialized dog gifts store items like the Yorkshire Terrier Jewelry Pin Brooch it is necessary to shop online with an animal pet gifts store specialist like Animal World. According to Mary at “Dog lovers are amazed that animal and pet theme jewelry is available and when they find their own specific dog breed like Yorkshire Terrier they are absolutely ecstatic.” Unfortunately as with all specialized items according to Mary “the Yorkshire Terrier Pin Brooch is out of production so supplies are limited to online or specialty store inventory”. 

Photo and Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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