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Zebra Blanket for Safari Animal Home Decor

Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry Zebras TrioZebra is the first word that comes to mind whenever someone tries to think of a word beginning with the letter Z. With the new Zebra blanket throw tapestry zebra animal lovers can bring their own home decor ideas to life. Made in the USA on production looms located in North Carolina the Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry features beautiful artwork capturing a trio of majestic Zebras in their natural habitat of the African Savannah on 3 ply 100% cotton. With their unmistakable black on white markings Zebras are totally unique however in body structure they easily resemble horses. This may be the reason so many people have chosen Zebras as their favorite animal. Zebra lover enthusiasts search gifts stores for zebra figurines, plush stuffed animals, t shirts, toy miniatures, earrings, crossing signs, neckties, banners, porcelain jars and keychains. The recent addition of the Zebra blanket throw tapestry can now be added to the Zebra gifts store item list. The Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry can be displayed on a wall, across a sofa, chair or bed for home decor. Functionally the Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry can also be used for warmth while reading, watching TV or taking a nap. Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries by nature are only available for a limited period of time. This is due to the fact that production is usually limited to one production run. This makes it very important to seize the opportunity to secure the new Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry “Zebras Trio” while it is still available. Best of all the Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry like all animal blanket throw tapestries are made in America which helps the US economy and keeps Americans at work here in the USA. The Zebra Blanket Throw Tapestry can be utilized by individuals, organizations, business, clubs and any group that feels a love or affinity for the beautiful Zebra.

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