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New Folkmanis Octopus Puppet Animal Puppets

Folkmanis Octopus Puppet
Folkmanis Octopus Puppet at Animal World

The new Folkmanis Octopus Puppet offered online by animal puppets specialist Animal World is ocean lover imagination learning play fun. Featuring gorgeous lifelike look this Octopus Puppet has beautiful red, black white soft plush and lifelike eyes. Measuring 16″ wide by 16″ long by 4″ high the Folkmanis Octopus Puppet comes to life with easy handling animal hand puppet motions. For Octopus Gift Store enthusiasts there are also Octopus toy miniatures and Octopus Plush Stuffed Animal Toys.

Folkmanis Octopus Puppet article by Steve Forrest

Octopus Puppet photography by Folkmanis

New Style Ladybug Puppet Now at Anwo Animal World

ladybug puppet
Folkmanis Ladybug Puppet at Animal World

Animal Hand Puppets are fun and when a new style is introduced by Folmanis Puppets it is always worth mentioning. This is the case with the new Ladybug Puppet found online by animal puppets specialist Animal World. Featuring that classic red shell with black spots this Ladybug Puppet has elastic stretch glove like finger locations which allow this Ladybug Puppet to crawl just like a real ladybug. For Ladybug Gifts Store enthusiast the Ladybug Hand Puppet makes everyone lucky as the persons personality comes through as the puppeteer makes the Ladybug come to life.

Ladybug Puppet Article by Steve Forrest

Ladybug Puppet Photography by Folkmanis Puppets

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