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Black Pug Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan Dog Lover Home Decor

Black Pug Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan
Black Pug Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan made in USA

In addition to the Fawn Pug Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan there is now a new Black Pug Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan from dog blanket throw specialist Animal World. Made in the USA on production looms located in North Carolina the Black Pug Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan features beautiful black pug artwork, measures a large 60″ x 50″ wide and is made of comfortable 3 ply 100% cotton. Designed as a Pug Lover Gift Store item the Black Pug Throw Blanket is unique in that Black Pugs are the recessive color for the Pug breed in comparison to the more popular Fawn color, therefore, it is special that a dog throw blanket tapestry afghan was produced in the lesser well known color. Whether hungs as a tapestry on a wall, draped across a bed, sofa or chair the Black Pug Dog Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan is also functional for warmth on a chilly day for napping, reading or watching TV. All Black Pug dog lovers need to seize this opportunity to purchase this rare dog throw blanket since production could be limited and with it the availability to secure this beautiful piece of home decor.

Black Pug Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan article and photography by Steve Forrest

New Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry USA at Anwo Animal World

Samoyed Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan
Samoyed Throw Blanket Tapestry at Animal World

Offering bold collage artwork the Samoyed Throw Blanket Tapestry provided Samoyed dog lovers with what often becomes their favorite dog lover gift. Made in the USA and offered online by dog blanket throw tapestry specialist Animal World the Samoyed blanket throw tapestry is perfect as a wall display, laid across a bed, sofa or chair. In addition to its superb home decor qualities the Samoyed throw blanket is also fully functional for warmth on a chilly day. Whether used for naps, cozy fireside chats, watching TV or reading a book the Samoyed blanket throw tapestry is the supreme gift for Samoyed dog lovers. Measuring 70′ high x 54″ wide the Samoyed throw blanket captures the sporting spirit of this wonderful dog that loves the outdoors more than the owner. For Samoyed Gifts Store lovers the Samoyed Throw Blanket Tapestry is a perfect yet limited time edition.

Samoyed Throw Blanket Tapestry Article and Photography by Steve Forrest

Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans for People not Dogs

bernese mountain dog throw blanket
Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry

Most people know there are dog blankets for dogs but do most people know that there are also dog blankets for people. With the specific breed dog blanket throw tapestry afghan available online from dog gifts store specialist Animal World dog lovers can enjoy their own favorite dog breed theme blankets for home décor or warmth on a chilly day. Made in the USA utilizing famous artwork from some of the most recognized dog lover artists in the world, the dog blanket throw tapestries bring recognition and prestige to some of man’s most loved dog breeds. Measuring an expansive 68” on the long side x 54” on the short side whether designed vertically or horizontally the dog blanket throw tapestry often features not only the specific dog breed but also a background alluding to it’s heritage and origin. As an example of the beautiful artwork offered, the Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry features the Bernese Mountain dog with the Swiss Alps as the background. Similarly the Labrador Retriever Blanket Throw Tapestry shows the Black Lab, Chocolate Lab and Yellow Lab trio with Mallard ducks and a marshy tidal basin as it’s background. For many dog lovers the relationship between man and dog is as close as with any member of the family. For this reason the need to immortalize this relationship in artwork is achieved quite nicely with the dog blanket throw tapestries. Adding to the wonderful and loyal relationship between man and his dog is the point manufacturing for all the dog throw blanket afghan tapestries is America.

black yellow chocolate lab trio blanket throw tapestry
Lab Trio Blanket Throw Tapestry

In fact the dog blanket throw tapestries are made on production looms located in South and North Carolina USA by companies like Mill Street Design, Pure Country and Scene Weaver. Since the dog throw blanket throw tapestries are often limited to one production run supplies are very limited. According to dog blanket throw specialist Mary at Animal World “since inventories are limited to supplies produced often in just one run, it is tantamount that dog lovers seize the opportunity to buy their dog breed blanket while it is available, since as it sells out it is no longer available. They are in essence limited edition pieces of art, after all they are tapestry artwork.” Combining the useful qualities of a blanket with the artistic features of a tapestry the specific breed dog blanket throw tapestries have become as important a part of each family as the dog itself.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Christmas Gifts List

bulldog plush stuffed animal semper fi

Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal "Semper Fi"

People at this time of year are searching not only for gifts for family but also for family pet. The table can turned essentially if instead a gift for the pet a gift giver might want a gift from their pet or for some their favorite animal. For these animal and pet lover enthusiasts a top 10 list of possible animal and pet theme gifts might be of great importance. For this reason animal and pet theme gift specialist put together an Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Gift List to help out this and every Christmas gift giving season. To summarize the top 10 animal and pet lovers Christmas Gifts Top 10 List is as follows. Remember these are for the animal or pet lover and not for the pet. The Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal is a perfect gift not only for the dog lover but any Marine that wants to embellish the mascot and symbol of the Marines the Bulldog named “Semper Fi” shown.

1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals – adorable lovable portable companionship

2. Wildlife Plush Stuffed Animals – wild animal handling and loving

3. Animal Toy Miniatures – incredible detail, educational play fun

4. Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries – functional and beauty made in USA

5. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries – beautiful indoor home decor – USA made

6. Animal Crossing Signs, –  safety outside, indoor decor fun, USA made

7. Animal Earrings Jewelry – Beautiful fashion with fun

8. Dog Figurine Statues – best way to immortalize and remember your pet

9. Animal Figurine Statues – Brings the beauty of nature inside

10. Animal Puppets – brings an animal to life with your personality

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry Made in USA

samoyed blanket throw tapestry

Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry

Seize the moment is often used as an alert to action because time is short to capture a short lived product or opportunity. This suggestion certainly applies to Samoyed Dog Lovers. They need to seize the moment and get a Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry USA while supplies last. Since the Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry is a production item supplies are usually limited to one production run. As dog specialty online retailers like Animal World which specialize in hard to find products like the Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry sell out it is almost impossible to replace the product. For this reason dog lovers often buy 2 Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestries so they have one for now and another as a replacement if the first one wears out or is lost. Since the Samoyed Blanket Throw Tapestry comes in a protective zippered plastic bag the reserve can remain in new condition almost indefinitely.

Post written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Great Dane Pillows and Blanket Throws for Great Dane Dog Lover Home Decor

great dane pillow full body

Great Dane Pillow USA

great dane pillow

Great Dane Pillow

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and one of the largest dog breeds is certainly the Great Dane. People often jest that Great Danes resemble small horses they are so large. Though large, most Great Danes have an easy going nature and because of this good natured disposition have become popular as family dogs. Great Dane’s come in a variety of colors. Blue Danes are actually a pale shade of gray. Fawn Danes are the most common with black Great Danes a close second. Harlequin Great Danes are a beautiful Black and White. Blue harlequin’s are a stunning gray and black. Dane’s can also be brindle; various shades from fawn and black to gray and black. Great Dane’s ears were historically cropped but the latest trend is to keep the ears natural. Great Dane owners are very loyal to their breed. To please the Great Dane owner several home decor gift items including Great Dane blanket throw tapestries and pillows are available. The  Great Dane Pillow Face feature the majestic fawn Great Dane in a close up profile face portrait. The second Great Dane Pillow Full Body features a the dog breed in a relaxing reclining full body portrait. Toss a few Great Dane pillows on the sofa along with the Great Dane Blanket Throw Tapestry and guests instantly know that they are in the home of an enthusiastic dog lover. They easily become the focal point in a dog breed lover home decor theme. The Great Dane blanket throw tapestry features a magnificent portrait of a stunning Great Dane. The Great Dane Blanket Throw Tapestry can be easily displayed as a bed spread, laid over a sofa or just to wrap up in on a cold night. The Great Dane Pillows and Blanket make great gifts for Great Dane owners or enthusiasts especially with regard to home decor. For consumers searching for products made in the USA they need look no further than the Great Dane pillows or blanket. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “all the animal or dog blanket throw tapestries and pillows are proudly made in the USA on production looms located in North and South Carolina. Since dog blanket throw tapestries and pillows are produced in limited production runs their availability is time limited so dog lovers need to seize the window of opportunity when product is in stock.” For consumers who prefer shopping online at additional webstores the Great Dane Throw Pillow or Great Dane Throw Blanket available from Animal World Online.

great dane blanket throw tapestry

Great Dane Blanket Throw Tapestry

Robert May Artist Extraordinaire for Dog Animal and Pet Illustration

Artist Ribert May in his studio If you currently have in your collection animal or pet lover theme gifts like dog breed mugs, blanket throw tapestries, flags and stationary it is a good chance you already possess Robert May artwork. Like Sandra Brue of Sandicast is to dog figurines, Robert May is to dog illustrations. Robert May continues to fuel his passion capturing the beauty of animals and specific dog breeds in art. In Robert May’s own words.

After spending approximately 15 years as a graphic artist / illustrator I decided to change direction and concentrate on fine art and animal painting in particular. My work was seen in a local gallery and I was subsequently commissioned to produce a series of dog head studies for reproduction as greeting cards, due to the success of this range both in the U.K. the U.S.A. and Europe further commissioned work followed for more breeds of dog and a variety of other animal subjects. I never tire of painting dog subjects as there is such a variation in size, colour and coat texture there is always a new challenge to take on, and although basically self taught I now feel that I can achieve consistant work of a high standard. I paint in oils and acrylics but gouache is my primary technique which allows a high degree of detail and richness of colour, these qualities make the finished works ideal for reproduction which is why a number of leading companies have made use of my artwork in connection with products including tapestries and fabrics, transfers, and various other gift lines. I now publish my own range of limited and open edition prints which ensures that I have control over the quality of the end product as well as continuing to build a library of new images and also accepting private commissions.”
bernese mountain dog blanket throw tapestry Everyone’s relationship with their pet dog is special and very unique to each specific life’s experiences.  Robert Mays artwork is special because like Sandra Brue’s Sandicast dog figurines his artwork is able to transcend that specificity of relationship and make it feel as if that picture is of your dog along with it’s unique personality. Robert May continues to create beautiful animal and dog paintings which seem to all possess a majestic lofty feeling and appear to put each animal on a pedestal of importance. Since all animal and pet owners have the same feelings as is reflected in Robert Mays paintings the artwork is timeless. In addition many of the Robert May painting not only capture the animal or pets conformation they often also include a background which lends itself to the dog breed’s historical origin. This is especially evident in the Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry artwork shown featuring the Bernese Mountain Dog the foreground and a majestic snowy  mountain range in the background. The special relationships between people and dogs and animals is as old as time itself. Fortunately their are artists like Robert May who capture this special bond in illustrations which is later licensed for animal and pet lovers to enjoy on blanket throw tapestries, pillows, mugs, stationary and other animal and pet theme gifts.

Top 5 Dog Lover Gift Ideas Christmas List

People every year search their imagination for gift ideas. To help here is a Dog Lover Gifts Top 5 Gift Ideas for Christmas List to ease your shopping search.

  1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals
  2. Dog Figurines Statues
  3. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries
  4. Dog Breed T Shirts
  5. Dog Crossing Signs

The #1 dog lover gift idea for Christmas is dog plush stuffed animals. Everyone loves giving hugs and getting love in return. For many people their relationship with their dog is as close as any in their entire life.  Dog Plush Stuffed Animals are now available in almost all dog breeds from A – Z including Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Cairn, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman, English Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd, German Shorthair Pointer, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Irish Setter, Jack Russell Terrier, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, Maltese, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Samoyed, Schnauzer, Shar Pei, Sheltie, Siberian Husky, Weimaraner, Welsh Corgi, West Highland Terrie and  Yorkshire Terrier.  Dog lovers can therefore not only get a soft, cuddly adorable dog plush stuffed animal now they can also get it in their favorite dog breed.

#2 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is Dog Figurine Statues. Led by Sandicast Dog Figurine Statues immortalize a special dog that is or was part of the family. The impact of receiving a dog figurine is always a wow moment. The receiver can immediately place the Sandicast dog figurine on a shelf, a mantle or in a curio cabinet where it can b admired for it’s beauty, detail and ability to capture the heart and sole of the breed in stone.

The # 3 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog blanket throw tapestries. Made in the USA by companies like Scene Weaver, Mills Street Designs, Manual Woodworkers and Pure Country the dog blanket throw tapestries are beautiful home, dormitory, office or hospital patient decor. Dog lovers can wrap up with their favorite dog breed for taking a nap, reading a book, watching a TV and when they are finished they can display it on a sofa, chair or bed for warm dog home decor.

The # 4 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog lover breed specific t shirts or sweatshirts. All members and all ages not only are proud of their breed they also want to let the world know that their dog breed is the best. With the new dog breed t shirts dog lovers can show off their favorite breed in sizes from the smallest child to the largest adult for dog pride fashion and fun. With dog breed t shirt and the new dog breed sweatshirts dog lovers can now have year round comfortable dog lover style.

The # 5 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog crossing signs. A relatively new idea on an old idea the dog crossing signs combine dog safety function with fun. Made of aluminum the dog crossing signs are made in the USA in the traditional bright yellow diamond shape while capturing beautiful dog breed artwork for a truly entertaining gift. Easily mounted on a fence, door, post, or any place that requires safeguarding the dog crossing signs are steadily increasing in popularity.

dachshund dog plush stuffed animal

Dog Plush Stuffed Animals

Sandicast dog figurines

Sandicast Dog Figurines

dog blanket throw tapestries

Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries

Rottweiler Blanket Throw Tapestry for dog breed lovers

rottweiler blanket throw tapestryThe new Rottweiler Blanket Throw Tapestry features the classic artwork of a majestic regal Rottweiler dog breed. Made in the USA on American looms of North Carolina the full body pose Rottweiler Blanket Throw Tapestry shown is an example of dog breed enthusiasts dedication to breed and love affair with the dog as a companion. The Rottweiler Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for wall home decor, whether for wall display, across sofas, chairs, laid on beds and especially for keeping warm for naps, reading books or watching TV. Rottweiler dog specialty shows are competitions where only Rottweiler dogs are allowed to compete in order to find the best of the breed, while trading information and experiences with fellow Rottweiler dog lovers. Not all Rottweiler dog owners just want to enjoy the breed without attending competitions. For these Rottweiler dog lovers the dog blanket throw tapestry is a wonderful gift for birthdays, office gifts and especially for Christmas Holidays. Rottweilers historically were known as the butchers dog because it was their job to help protect the meat which of course was and continues to be of great value. Today many people still seek the Rottweiler breed to provide protection for their home or family. The Rottweiler dog breed finds it’s origin in Germany, today the Rottweiler breed has found a second home in the USA. The Rottweiler blanket throw tapestry made in America is an excellent example of this how popular the Rottweiler dog breed has become in the USA.

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