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New Guinea Pig Gifts Store

guinea pig plush stuffed animal ty guinea pig keychain beanie baby plush stuffed animal Guinea Pig owners may feel slighted because all the fuss is always over dogs and cats and all the gift items available for dog or cat lovers. The new Guinea Pig Gifts Store at Animal World features plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, crossing signs, keychains, picture frames, mugs,  puppets and finger puppets all designed for the guinea pig lover. Everyone who has ever owned a Guinea Pig knows how nice it is to have a loving warm Guinea Pig in your lab. Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animals come in 3 styles and there is even a Guinea Pig stuffed animal keychain. To set up visitors entering the Guinea Pig Lovers lair the Guinea Pig Crossing Sign educates guests and provides creative home decor. For children and adults the Guinea Pig plush stuffed animal keychain is perfect for backpacks and purses. The Guinea pig picture frame with easel is also a magnet and works well for small pictures. The new Guinea Pig toy miniature is very realistic. Providing incredible lifelike detail the Guinea Pig Toy Miniature can be used as a figurine for home decor, but because of its durability is  great for education, school classrooms, projects, dioramas and just imaginative play fun. For interactive Guinea pig creative play fun the Guinea Pig puppet and finger puppet challenge anyone to project their personality out through the puppet. Small children are included as well because anyone can have fun with a finger puppet, just make it wiggle or nod. Office guinea pig fun is not forgotten. The Guinea Pig mug is designed for everyday use and is microwave, UV and dishwasher safe. For Guinea Pig lovers there are plenty of great ideas of animal gifts for office, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas Holiday occasions.
guinea pig toy miniature safari guinea pig finger puppet guinea pig crossing sign

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