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Back to School Animal Backpacks in Frog Leopard and Penguin

frog backpack child size

Frog Backpack Child Size

It’s that time of year again. School is just around the corner. Time to buy school supplies and back to school clothes. Animal Backpacks in Frog, Leopard, and Penguin at Animal World are a fun way to welcome in the new school year. The Frog backpack can be used by both boys and girls and has adjustable black webbing straps to make it comfortable and custom fitting for your child. It is large enough to hold pencils, crayons, tissue packet, lunch money, etc. The Frog backpack features a large green and pale yellow frog with big green eyes. It features a zippered opening on the back that allows for easy entering and removal of school supplies or other treasures from it’s roomy lined interior.  The Frog, Leopard and Penguin backpacks all feature a webbing loop on the back for easy hook hanging and is ideal for storing in a school cubby.  The leopard backpack is also for both boys and girls.  They are all easy to carry and just make back to school fashion darn cute . The Penguin Backpack is also ideal for either boys or girls and can be used like the other backpacks for school, play or overnight sleepovers.  In these relaxed fashion times the Animal Backpacks are also popular with older students as well. Many older girls use the animal backpacks as purses. The backpack style straps make it easy to carry, freeing hands for  text books, Kindles, I Pads  or other hand held devices.  The Animal backpack can be tossed into the washing machine when it gets dirty. A low heat dryer fluffs it back to it’s original look. Other uses besides as a backpack or purse are pajama, over night or storage bag. Using the loop hanger on the back you can hang the animal backpack on a door handle and stuff it with your pajamas, small toys, dirty clothes, etc. You can also place a set of clothes and PJs  to use as an over night bag. The frog, leopard or penguin backpacks are sure to please all your children for fun back to school functional fashion and is also a popular item for birthday, Christmas and special occasion gift lists.

penguin backpack child size

Penguin Backpack Child Size

leopard backpack child size

Leopard Backpack Child Size

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