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How to Bring a Lobster Home with Lobster Figurine Statues

lobster figurine statue

Lobster Figurine Statue

The clean fresh air of New England is personified in our image of Lobster Fisherman braving the cold North Atlantic pulling a string of Lobster pots full of juicy delicious fresh Lobsters. Living that life is only possible for a select few of very tough hearty men who have grown up with Lobster fishing in their family blood. The beauty of everyone’s imagination is our ability to transfer us if only in our mind to places like the rugged North Atlantic. Capturing that feeling is the new Lobster Figurine Statue. Perfect for home or office decor the Lobster Figurine Statue allows everyone the opportunity to even if only in their mind leave the confines of their safe current environment and imagine life on the edge where possible death in the oceans deep is as close as the work boats side rails. Featuring a lobster poised casually on a rock the Lobster Figurine Statue is detail hand painted, made of cast stone and displayed on a black with gold trim base.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography


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