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Two Newfoundland Plush Stuffed Animals now available for dog breed lovers

Newfoundland plush stuffed animal large Newfoundland Plush Stuffed Animal SmallSeveral years ago only one Newfoundland Plush Stuffed Animal was available by Douglas Cuddle Toys and then it was retired. Good news however, Animal World just introduced two new Newfoundland Plush Stuffed animals into the dog plush stuffed toys market. Made by Russ Berrie the two Newfoundland Plush Stuffed Animals come in classic small size and classic regular size.  Featuring realistic looking black soft plush both Newfoundland Plush Stuffed Animals provide an opportunity for dog breed lovers to promote and enjoy their specific Newfoundland breed. Dog plush stuffed animals play an important role for both Newfoundland dog owners and people who long for the unique breed. The Newfoundland plush stuffed animals are important for family members who may be away from their beloved pet this summer while on vacation or at a Summer camp.  Likewise elderly who may have to leave their pet to be in the hospital or nursing home could be in need of the Newfoundland plush stuffed animals. As fall approaches many college bound Freshman may also find the need of the Newfoundland plush stuffed toys to keep them company during that stressful first semester. Many also never have the opportunity to have a real dog. For these situations the only alternative may be the dog plush stuffed animals and if there favorite breed has always been the Newfoundland then it is now available. Bred originally for water rescue Newfoundlands today have become popular family pets and still are revered for their ability to successfully rescue children and adults in frigid waters. The dog breed has natural tendencies for protection translate into everyday situations where families swimming are often friendly targets of Newfoundlands rescue attempts since they may be worried that the family member playing in the water may actually be in distress. The two new Newfoundland plush stuffed animals are a great addition to the dog plush stuffed toys gift industry. Newfoundland dog owner and lovers will be honored that their favorite breed has been recognized and honored in the form of two new Newfoundland plush stuffed animals.

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