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New Safari Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica at Anwo Animal World

Fennneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica
Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica at Anwo Animal World

The new Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica at Animal World explores the wide variety of fox species in the wild. Featuring those classic oversize ears the Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica is plastic animal toys educational, imaginative, creative play fun. Measuring 3″ long x 2″ high x 3/4″, wide the Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica is immediately usable for school projects, animal classroom education and for authentic wildlife displays. Recommended for children ages 3 and up the Safari Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature meets all American and European standards for toy safety. For Fox Gifts Store enthusiasts the Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica is a must have for collectible fox lairs and wildlife shrines.

Anwo – Trademark abbreviation for Animal World

Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica article by Steve Forrest

Fenneck Fox Toy Miniature Replica photography by Safari Toys  

Shark Week Shark Toy Miniature Replicas Play Fun

Tiger Shark Toy Miniature Replica
Tiger Shark Toy Miniature Replica

According to Discovery TV this is Shark Week. The perfect way to celebrate shark week is with Shark Toy Miniature Replicas from plastic animal toy specialist Animal World. Featuring many shark species the complete list of shark toy miniature replicas includes blacktip reef, great white shark, basking shark, bull shark, hammerhead
shark, hammerhead baby shark, leopard shark, thresher shark, blue shark,
tiger shark, whale shark, zebra shark and shark ray. Made of safe durable PVC plastic by Safari Toys all the Shark Toy Miniatures offers realistic detail and markings. Sharks serve such an important role in the ocean by keeping the all the other fish strong they unfortunately have become the object of unnecessary adventure tours that serve no purpose other than to create an unnatural event in a perfectly balanced environment.

Shark Toy Miniature Replicas article by Steve Forrest

Shark Toy Miniature Replica photography by Safari Toys 

Noah Ark Miniature Artists Love Mini Plastic Animal Toy Minature Replica Toys Realism

Elephant Toy Mini Plastic Miniature Replica
Mini Elephant Toy Miniature Replicas

The Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas from Animal World continue to be very popular specifically with Noahs Ark and Miniature Display Artisans. With there extreme realism yet small 1″ size they are perfect for many applications. The Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas are very forgivable in their durability, affix ability but most important their unique small size. On their website Animal lists the following wide line of plastic mini animal toy miniature replicas.

Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures in alligator, ants, bee, bear,
beluga, brachiosaurus, buffalo, butterfly, chicken, chimp, clownfish,
dimetrodon, dolphin, dragon, eagle, elephant, flamingo, frog, gorilla,
hermit crab, hippo, horse, jaguar, jellyfish, ladybug, lion, manatee,
mouse, okapi, orca, panda, pegasus, penguin, pig, polar bear, pony,
pufferfish, rhino, rooster, sea lion, sea turtle, seahorse, starfish,
stegosaurus, ray, t rex, triceratop, unicorn and wolf.   

Artists have discovered that they can easily glue the Plastic Mini Animal Toy Replicas to an ark, a diorama wall, elevate them with a pin, push them out with a back wall wire or let them hang free with a clear element fishing line. It is absolutely amazing that the plastic mini animal toy miniature replicas can feature such realistic fine detail. The answer is the amazing Safari Toy designs and manufacturing process. Made of pvc plastic all the plastic animal toys meet the safety standards established for American and European toys.  

Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas Article by Steve Forrest

New Plastic Toy Animals Market Welcomes Flying Fish Replica

Flying Fish Toy Miniature Replica
Flying Fish Plastic Toy Miniature Replica

The newest addition to the Plastic Animal Toy Miniature Replicas market is the new Flying Fish. Offering amazingly realistic details this Flying Fish plastic toy miniature replica features those amazing bird like fins that allow the real Flying Fish the ability to literally fly along the surface of the ocean. Made of PVC plastic the Safari Toys Flying Fish is offered online by Animal World on their Animal Toy Miniatures page and also their Toy Fish Gifts Store page. Demonstrating that there is absolutely no limit to the variety of plastic animal toy miniature replicas available or being introduced to the market the Flying Fish sets a new standard in educational learning play fun.

Plastic Animal Toy Miniature Replica Flying Fish Article by Steve Forrest

Flying Fish Toy Miniature photography by Safari Toys

Plastic Toy Animal Line expanded at Animal World

bearded dragon toy animal plasticchipmunk toy plastic animal  The already extensive line of plastic animal toys has recently expanded at Animal World. According to Mary Ann at Animal World recent additions to their mini plastic toy animal line include Safari mini good luck flamingo, bald eagle, seahorse, sea turtle and cownose ray. Likewise the animal toy tube line now includes a Butterfly toy tube containing a variety of 8 Butterflies miniatures. In addition to the standard size plastic toy animals line consumers can now find a realistic looking chipmunk and bearded dragon toy miniature. Finally another line of plastic toy animals now includes the Sea Turtle life cycle.  The Safari Mini Good Luck toy miniatures in are excellent in wildlife displays like dioramas or other similar school projects. Similarly the Animal Life Cycle toy miniatures are also perfect for school wildlife projects, classroom education and professional looking miniaturization displays. For simple learning play fun nothing compares to the realistic looking standard size plastic animal toys like the new chipmunk or bearded dragon. These look so incredible people often do double takes and for animal enthusiasts they can also offer exceptional home decor possibilities.
sea turtle life cycle toy miniature






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