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Noah Ark Miniature Artists Love Mini Plastic Animal Toy Minature Replica Toys Realism

Elephant Toy Mini Plastic Miniature Replica
Mini Elephant Toy Miniature Replicas

The Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas from Animal World continue to be very popular specifically with Noahs Ark and Miniature Display Artisans. With there extreme realism yet small 1″ size they are perfect for many applications. The Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas are very forgivable in their durability, affix ability but most important their unique small size. On their website Animal lists the following wide line of plastic mini animal toy miniature replicas.

Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures in alligator, ants, bee, bear,
beluga, brachiosaurus, buffalo, butterfly, chicken, chimp, clownfish,
dimetrodon, dolphin, dragon, eagle, elephant, flamingo, frog, gorilla,
hermit crab, hippo, horse, jaguar, jellyfish, ladybug, lion, manatee,
mouse, okapi, orca, panda, pegasus, penguin, pig, polar bear, pony,
pufferfish, rhino, rooster, sea lion, sea turtle, seahorse, starfish,
stegosaurus, ray, t rex, triceratop, unicorn and wolf.   

Artists have discovered that they can easily glue the Plastic Mini Animal Toy Replicas to an ark, a diorama wall, elevate them with a pin, push them out with a back wall wire or let them hang free with a clear element fishing line. It is absolutely amazing that the plastic mini animal toy miniature replicas can feature such realistic fine detail. The answer is the amazing Safari Toy designs and manufacturing process. Made of pvc plastic all the plastic animal toys meet the safety standards established for American and European toys.  

Plastic Mini Animal Toy Miniature Replicas Article by Steve Forrest

Plastic Toy Animals line expands at Animal World Press Release

I just wrote a press release for Animal World about their expanding line of plastic toy animal miniatures. It features 3 pictures including a llama, giraffe and T Rex dinosaur toy miniature. Their is also a video showing a sampling variety of other animal toy miniatures including a polar bear, giraffe, opossum, shark, toucan, golden retriever and a dinosaur. Check it out, I love doing press releases.

Plastic Toy Animal Line expanded at Animal World

bearded dragon toy animal plasticchipmunk toy plastic animal  The already extensive line of plastic animal toys has recently expanded at Animal World. According to Mary Ann at Animal World recent additions to their mini plastic toy animal line include Safari mini good luck flamingo, bald eagle, seahorse, sea turtle and cownose ray. Likewise the animal toy tube line now includes a Butterfly toy tube containing a variety of 8 Butterflies miniatures. In addition to the standard size plastic toy animals line consumers can now find a realistic looking chipmunk and bearded dragon toy miniature. Finally another line of plastic toy animals now includes the Sea Turtle life cycle.  The Safari Mini Good Luck toy miniatures in are excellent in wildlife displays like dioramas or other similar school projects. Similarly the Animal Life Cycle toy miniatures are also perfect for school wildlife projects, classroom education and professional looking miniaturization displays. For simple learning play fun nothing compares to the realistic looking standard size plastic animal toys like the new chipmunk or bearded dragon. These look so incredible people often do double takes and for animal enthusiasts they can also offer exceptional home decor possibilities.
sea turtle life cycle toy miniature






Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

bobcat toy miniature

Bobcat Toy Miniature

The new Bobcat Toy Miniature is another example that at no other time in history has there been a better selection of animal toy miniatures. Featured online by Animal World the new Bobcat Toy Miniature is also an amazing example of the authentic realism offered by all the newest releases by Safari Toys. From the trademark tufted ears to the naturally bobbed tail the Bobcat toy miniature serves equally well as a figurine or as a play toy. The Bobcat toy miniature also serve well in education. Teachers involved in the study of North America and the animals that inhabit the area can easily provide the Bobcat Toy Miniature for hands on learning adventures that help make classroom more fun. Similarly trips to  the zoo can be expensive, hard to organize and ineffective as a teaching opportunity. In contrast the Bobcat Toy Miniature can be analyzed, studied, and handled for a truly 3 dimensional educational experience. For business, clubs, schools and universities the Bobcat Toy Miniature can easily be adapted to uses that promote, retain or help create morale. For Bobcat Gifts Store collectors the bobcat toy miniature is an excellent addition to the bobcat puppet, plush stuffed animal and figurine already available. The best use for the Bobcat Toy Miniature is the same for all animal toy miniatures and that is to simply help stimulate the imagination or creativity of children in everyday play fun.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video

5 Animal Toy Miniatures to remind you of Summer at the Beach

great white shark toy miniature

Great White Shark Toy Miniature

blue dolphin toy miniature tail up

Blue Dolphin Toy Miniature

Most people’s favorite memories of Summer include time spent at the beach. Going to the beach is also a hands on learning experience. One way to enhance this enjoyable learning experience along with recreating favorite memories is with beach them animal toy miniatures. The top 5 animal toy miniature to reminders of Summer at the Beach are listed and the most popular animal toy miniatures are as follows.

  1. Dolphin Toy Miniatures – Dolphins are everyone’s favorite animal at the beach. Out of reach but not out of sight Dolphins represent the playful beauty of going to the beach as they make the ocean come to life with their frolicking in the wave as a family pod group. The Dolphin Toy Miniatures are an excellent way to remind yourself of wonderful times at the beach.
  2. Shark Toy Miniatures – When it comes to Sharks everyone wants to talk about sharks and act tough regarding sharks but no one wants to be in the water in close proximity with a real shark. It is at that moment of realization when man is aware that they are not the top of the food chain in fact instead of feeling like the hunter they feel the uneasy feeling of being the hunted. Despite these realities boys especially can’t resist the allure of sharks and the best way to feed this obsession is with a variety of realistic shark toy miniatures.
  3. Pelican Bird Toy Miniatures – People today visit the beach and a now common sight is the beautiful v formations of Pelicans as they work their way up and down the beach. Because of DDT of the 60’s and 70’s the only place you could see Pelican was Southern parts of the US however with the ban of these chemicals the pelicans return has been nothing short of phenomenal. This remarkable comeback makes any trip to the beach a dazzling experience as the crystal blue Summer sky and  open ocean waters come to life with flying and diving Pelicans. For beach lovers who are fascinated by these amazing flying creatures the Pelican toy miniatures are a perfect reminder of time spent at the beach.
  4. Crab Toy Miniatures – Every trip to the beach is the ultimate combination of land water and sky. No other place on earth combines these 3 elements in such dramatic fashion. This classic grouping of land sea and air subconsciously hits a relaxing chord that makes going to the beach such a relaxing popular attraction. Beach goers, however, are land bound along with their ghost crab friends. For anyone relaxing by the beach watching crabs darting in and out of their holes while making what appears to be a sand salad becomes a popular beach spectator sport. The amazingly realistic crab toy miniatures bring that Summer at the  beach feeling into any room of any house.
  5. Jellyfish Toy Miniatures – One memory of the beach that most people do not cherish is any experience with the dreaded jellyfish. Jellyfish ruin any ocean swimming experience in a matter of seconds. For children and their mothers many hysterical moments have been experienced whenever a jellyfish sting has occurred. Only with time and in retrospect can jellyfish experiences become a family experience that can be reviewed with humor and fondness. For practical jokes and fun the orange jellyfish toy miniatures are a sore but essential part of anyone’s favorite Summer reminders of the beach.

Going to the beach during the Summer has become an annual event that for most wish would never end. Taking the beach home with you is obviously not possible but it is possible to relive many of those special memories with animal toy miniatures including the dolphins, sharks, pelicans, crabs and jellyfish listed. All the animal toy miniatures have their own special way of making one smile and of taking one away to that special relaxing spot on the beach where you watched the dolphins play in the waves, watched the pelicans overhead, watched the crabs pop in and out of their holes, while you hoped to stay far away from dangerous sharks or bothersome jellyfish. The special relaxing joys of Summer if only in your imagination most of the year. All the animal toy miniatures shown for Summer beach memory reminders are available online at Animal World.

white pelican toy miniature

White Pelican Toy Miniature

hermit crab toy miniature

Hermit Crab Toy Miniature

orange jellyfish toy miniature sea nettle

Orange Jellyfish Toy Miniature

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is Mythical Dragons Figurine Statues Fun

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature

The newest addition to the Dragon Toy Miniatures line of mythical dragons is the Blue Ice Dragon.  Featuring incredible detailed wings, legs, tail, neck and imposing dragon mouth the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is amazing. Upon closer inspection it almost appears as if the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is  made of not plastic but of real blue ice. Steve Forrest at Animal World which features the Safari Toys Line of dragon toy miniatures is amazed. “The unbelievable effort made in making sure no detail is too small to be overlooked or omitted is a true testament to the commitment by Safari Toys on the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature and we are proud to offer it to Dragon Gifts Store enthusiasts.”  In the mythical world of dragons and ice it is easy to imagine a dangerous encounter with the Blue Ice Dragon. Will you become the Blue Ice Dragons enemy or are you smart enough to win it over and enlist it as a powerful ally against other mythical dangers. The Blue Ice Dragon is the thirteenth in an ever expanding line of dragon toy miniatures which already includes a green, red, green forest, blue sea, purple, mountain, krystal  purple Chinese. red Chinese, gold 4 headed, fire and Chimera Dragon. For Dragon Gifts store collectors there has never been a better time to create a stellar collection of dragon toy miniature figurine statues.

New Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures Popularity Grows

bumble bee toy mini good luck miniature plasticUsing plastic animal toy miniatures for school projects is not a novel idea, however, having tiny plastic animal toy miniatures is a new idea. With the new animal mini good luck miniatures featured by Animal World larger panoramic dioramas are possible. Instead of showing one animal the new animal toy mini good luck miniatures by Safari toys allows students, displays and educators the opportunity to show a whole herd of animals at an inexpensive. Like small ho scale trains allowed greater detail in display, the new animal mini good luck allow more elaborate, intricate and accurate detailed animal display. This is possible not only because of the animal mini good luck miniatures small size but also because their detailed realistic look. Some of the animal toy miniatures are actually life size as opposed to miniaturized like the ants and the bumble bee toy mini good luck miniatures shown. For situations where a realistic size insect is needed for costumes, TV or movies scenes the ants and bees are the perfect solution. So many detailed scenes are possible from ocean or lake scenes with frogs Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, Starfish, Penguins, Hermit Crabs or Clownfish to Jungle or  Safari scenes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, alligators, okapi, lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas or panthers to farm scenes with cows, horses, pigs, mice or bats to North American with wolves, bears, buffaloes, polar bears to more insects like ladybugs, butterflies to Mythical dragons or Prehistoric T Rex dinosaurs. As with everything today miniaturization equals more possibilities, this also holds true for animal toy miniatures. pig toy mini good luck miniature

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